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Born the eldest daughter of both her twin brother and younger sister, to both a cabal officer and blackwatch agent, Icilia was born into a world masked by the shadow of both her mother and father. Even from birth, she had much to show for, much to surpass from the both, even if neither parent wanted anything of the such for either her or her brother, Octis.

From a young age, Icilia had shown potential in several fields, excelling and out-performing more veteran candidates from the Academies. Years of grueling training and the vicious lifestyle of a cabal boot camp, she rose through the ranks slowly, but surely. Others noted her cold, cruel nature, whilst others felt an odd compassion left inside her when barking out her orders. Many operations across several planets soon landed her in the Krogan DMZ.

After near six years planetside, she was pulled aside and granted several offers. Her commanding prowess was sought after by many different departments, many vying for her abilities. Having felt her duties were finally coming to an end, she chose only one option. To become an instructor.

She had soon found herself stationed in a more well established academy back on Palaven, becoming a military instructor for the newer recruits being sucked up into the Hierarchy war-machine. As both a combative instructor for the newest cabals, her role doubled as as somewhat a positive influence on those that were taught under her.

Such good days found themselves soon shattered upon the onset of war. As the Reapers drew ever closer to Palaven and the galaxy at large, Major Kurius decided to remain where she was and for as good as it was worth… Fight on as much and as long as she could. Even so, with as much power as she had, not even she could keep up the fight for long.

With the war against their unbeatable enemy seeming to be lost, her faith withered and finally entrusting whatever fate she faced to the spirits above. Fortunately, however, she was hit with news. Granted one last offering to continue on her fight, a chance to finally avenge the fallen, she took it without any hesitation.

The only thing she had left to achieve, was victory. Or damn well die trying.

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