Mass Effect: RIFT Wiki

“I fight for freedom; mine, and everyone’s.  I fight for the right to choose our own fate, and if I die, I’ll die free, and I’ll die knowing I did everything I could to stop you....”

- LCDR J. Shepard

Mass Effect: RIFT is a text-based RPG lead by game masters and players alike. In this server, you will create a character that will integrate with the crew aboard the CSV Caesetia. Here, you will participate in GM led missions to many different parts of the galaxy. You will meet new friends and foes along the way as the clock slowly ticks down to the seemingly inescapable destruction of the galaxy at the reapers hands.


November 2, 2186

When the crucible project failed and the fleets over earth were decimated, the crucible now sits dormant on the citadel station swarming with reapers. To the galaxy, it seemed that all hope was lost...

One week after the massacre above earth, the Council put forward a plan, Operation: Event Horizon. The mission: scour the galaxy for clues and find the missing piece of the Crucible known only as “the catalyst”. Then, with the catalyst in tow, re-take the citadel. The problem? Nobody knew what or where the catalyst was. With their power combined, the council created the Reaper Inquisition Force and Tribunal (R.I.F.T) as the spearhead of the operation.

But it was a lie...

The truth was; the mission brief for Operation: Event Horizon presented to the public was no more than a front for a much deeper and complicated mission. You see, the council knew all about the catalyst, or at least, they knew that it was a dead end. Instead, the Council chose to withhold this information to keep the hope of the galaxy alive, and to keep the reapers distracted as the galaxy threw all it had left at them. As millions die by the minute, the council's last effort to prevent their extinction slowly comes into play.


The Codex provides a large amount of lore and information on the people, technologies, and history of Mass Effect: RIFT, as well as new discoveries made. Entries are added or updated as the story progresses.